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Ravelco Theft Protection System Installation Facts

Professional installation protects both vehicle and warranty

Thumbs up for the best vehicle security protection option available, the Ravelco 16_pin system.Congratulations on your wise decision to protect valuable vehicles and machinery from being stolen with a genuine, worry-free Ravelco anti-theft device! To ensure proper installation, we do all the work for you using only accredited technicians. This ensures you will not compromise your new vehicle warranty.

Installation Time: The installation generally takes about two hours, although quite often, it is even less.  There is no extra charge if it takes longer than the two hour estimate.

Installation location: Where the installation will take place will depend on where in Alberta you live. Contact us to get the details about your own locality.

The interior of a vehicle with a Ravelco plug securely mounted to thwart car thieves every time.Installation Cost: All parts and labour are included in the cost of the Ravelco unit and is dependent on a few factors including:

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What Do You Have Worth Protecting?

Protect your speedboat with a Ravelco anti-theft device Protect your pickup with a Ravelco vehicle security system A Ravelco anti-theft unit will protect your RV from vehicle thieves
Ravelco security plugs will guard your heavy machinery against theft. Take precautions against truck theft with a Ravelco security system More than just passenger vehicles, the Ravelco also works on heavy duty equipment and any other motorized machinery with an electric ignition system.
Fleet vehicles including tractor trailers can benefit from the Ravelco anti-theft system. Protect your car from thievery with a guranteed Ravelco anti-theft device. Even farm machinery can be protected from being stolen with a Ravelco ignition security system

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Check out this video showing off the theft-proofing abilities of the Ravelco anti-truck theft device




"I can sleep at night worry-free."
"My company has a fleet of trucks and lots of heavy-duty machinery like backhoes and loaders. Equipping them all with the Ravelco security plugs has cut our losses of stolen equipment to ZERO. Knowing that the millions of dollars we have tied up in equipment is safe means I can sleep at night, worry-free."

~ Bradley F. (Grande Prairie, Alberta)
"Compared to the cost of recovery or replacement, a Ravelco device is dirt cheap."
"With the price of farming equipment so high and reports of machinery theft on the rise, I consider Ravelco anti-theft devices to be a wise investment. Compared to the cost of recovery or replacement, a Ravelco device is dirt cheap."

~ Tarek S. (Nisku, Alberta)