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Car Security & Anti-Theft Devices; Ravelco in Alberta

Ravelco Stops Theft of Cars, Boats, RV's & Heavy Duty Equipment

Warning sticker applied to both sides of every ravelco-equipped vehicle tells car thieves not to waste their time.

Welcome to Ravelco Alberta, your Alberta-wide certified Ravelco anti-theft device distributor. Get the security and peace of mind of a Ravelco device on your truck, car, heavy equipment, motorhome, boat, or any vehicle with an ignition system. It's a small price to pay to protect such a large investment.

Ravelco anti-car theft plugs have 16 pins making it impossible to hack.

Ravelco Anti-Theft Devices are 100% Unbeaten

Here's how it works:

By using a removable 16 pin Ravelco security plug, only you can control the electrical connections made to your vehicle. This makes theft impossible when you have the plug safely attached to your keychain.

With more than 100,000 different combinations and no master plugs available, you're the only person with the power to start your vehicle.

Ravelco of Alberta is your source for the most effective anti-theft device available on the market.

Ravelco is the

Proven Standard

in anti-theft technologies.

Reliability is the key.

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Components used to manufacture RAVELCO Anti-Theft Devices are the highest quality;
"Performance-Tested and Field-Proven".

Ravelco has been delivering reliability you can trust since 1976. Unlike other vehicle security products,




Check out this video showing off the theft-proofing abilities of the Ravelco anti-truck theft device



Ravelco of Alberta is the exclusive dealer of the legendary anti-theft devices in that province.

Ravelco Facts

  • Since its debut in 1976, no vehicle has ever been reported stolen while using Ravelco.
  • The Ravelco protects all gas, diesel, & hybrid vehicles, including heavy-duty equipment.
  • Ravelco stops thieves from starting your car by hot-wiring or breaking the steering column.
  • Original owners receive a lifetime warranty making the cost/year a great bargain.
  • Over four million installations made worldwide!


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"I can sleep at night worry-free."
"My company has a fleet of trucks and lots of heavy-duty machinery like backhoes and loaders. Equipping them all with the Ravelco security plugs has cut our losses of stolen equipment to ZERO. Knowing that the millions of dollars we have tied up in equipment is safe means I can sleep at night, worry-free."

~ Bradley F. (Grande Prairie, Alberta)
"Compared to the cost of recovery or replacement, a Ravelco device is dirt cheap."
"With the price of farming equipment so high and reports of machinery theft on the rise, I consider Ravelco anti-theft devices to be a wise investment. Compared to the cost of recovery or replacement, a Ravelco device is dirt cheap."

~ Tarek S. (Nisku, Alberta)